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To become a smart driver, you have to do more than just mastering the driving skills. Of course, learning to drive is important but it is important to see if you are putting the acquired skill to good use. After all, there is no point in learning to drive if you are being reckless on the road and posing threat to other drivers and pedestrians. Today, parents encourage their teens to enrol for high-quality driving lessons in Castle Hill, as that can help them develop a positive outlook towards driving. Being a smart driver does not mean you have to scare people with your aggressive driving. Instead, you need to use your skills responsibly and efficiently. So, how do you know that you are a smart driver? If you know the short-cut routes, that’s great. But is that all you need to know? Let us read to know more.

Must-have Skills of a Smart Driver as Shared by Driving instructor Castle Hill:

a. Obey Traffic Rules

It does not matter if you are heading towards your office or just a party, following traffic rules is always important in all circumstances. If you call yourself a smart driver, then you must also be smart enough to know that breaking traffic rules can land you up in big trouble with the authority. Therefore, obeying the traffic rule is a wise choice you can make and stay on the safer side.

b. Avoid overtaking people

Many people find overtaking others extremely cool and happening. But that is not the fact. When you are behind the wheels, you have to show patience and be considerate of other drivers on the road. Also, avoid honking in order to overtake others. Behaving irresponsibly will not earn you any praise instead you will only end up presenting yourself as a reckless driver by causing distractions for others.

c. Do not over-speed

As a teen, you must be bustling with life and energy, but when you are driving, it is smart to be restraint. According to various studies and reports, over-speeding is the topmost reason for car crashes and accidents on the road. Therefore, the driving instructor Castle Hill underlines the importance of abiding by the speeding limit should you want to stay safe and away from any type of road accident.

d. Put your phone aside

Do you attend phone while driving? When you are the road, you cannot afford to be casual. So, we suggest you put away your phone to avoid unnecessary distractions. Driving itself requires a lot of patience and concentration, and as such, you should not divert your focus by texting or talking over the phone.

e. Keep your license handy

Most people do not have the habit of carrying their license or vehicle registration document while driving. But keeping them handy can always be helpful. This is because failing to produce your document upon request by the traffic police can invite penalties for you. Also, make sure that they are updated and are not invalid. Keeping your documents up to date and handy is surely a sign of a smart driver.


Now that you know the skills or qualities that define smart drivers, you can polish or correct your driving skills accordingly. DAVID V.I.P DRIVING SCHOOL is a reputable driving school in Castle Hill that offers high quality driving lessons at affordable rates. If you want to get trained by RTA approved driving instructors, join the school and begin your journey of becoming a smart and competent driver. To book your seat, calls @ 0412 284 817 or: 0431524817 or mail @

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