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Do you know aggressive driving escalates the chances of accidents and collision on road? Not only is aggressive driving life-threatening, but it can also invite dire legal troubles for the culprit. Also, one should never make the mistake equating confidence with aggressive driving and must know the difference between the two. Moreover, as the signs of aggression are more prevalent among youngsters, we stress the importance of joining a proper driving school in Blacktown for the beginners. Expert training is extremely beneficial as qualified instructors can enlighten the learners on the values of safety, responsibility, and patience, apart from teaching them the driving techniques. Do you want to know if you are an aggressive driver or not? You are in the right place then! In this blog, we will discuss the common signs of being an aggressive driver.

Signs of aggressive driving that can be avoided with cheap and effective driving lessons Blacktown:

Breaking traffic rules

Do you often break traffic rules to reach college on time? Well, traffic rules cannot go for a toss for your hurriedness. Your slightest neglect can prove to be fatal for someone else on the road. If you have this unhealthy habit, you must give up on it. Obeying traffic rules is the sign of a responsible driver who does not need to risk other people’s lives to reach his destination. Start early from your place, if you think that’s necessary. All in all, follow traffic signals and rules to ensure the safety of everyone including yourself.

Over-speeding on the road

The road is not a battleground to show off your newly acquired driving skills. One must avoid over-speeding in order to get ahead of other cars on the road. Driving at an unsafe speed distracts the driver thereby disturbing his control over the vehicle. Needless to say, this negligence can prove to be extremely fatal as traffic safety studies have shown over-speeding to be the primary cause of car crashes. Do you have the tendency to over-speed? Stop it straight away!

Tailgating to overtake

Students who have enrolled for cheap driving lessons Blacktown know defensive driving techniques and avoid tailgating. Do you want to know what tailgating is all about? It is when you drive too close to another car with the intention of intimidating the driver and thus overtaking the vehicle. Of course, it is a wrong practice that increases the risk of collisions and accidents. Keeping a safe distance from other cars is a wise practice, which also prevents the chances of mishaps.

Using the phone while driving

Yes, using the phone while driving is certainly a poor driver behavior that fuels aggression on the road. Texting or talking over the phone can easily get you distracted from driving. As a result of which, you may end up violating traffic signals, over-speeding, and even colliding with other cars. If you have an urgent call to receive, stop your car on the sideway and then pick your phone. You cannot disregard other’s safety for your urgency.


Do you see yourself following any of these aggressive driving practices? It is high time you stopped with such unhealthy habits. Dedicated to producing confident and responsible drivers, DAVID V.I.P DRIVING SCHOOL offers practical and holistic lessons to its students. To know more about the best driving school in Blacktown, contact @ Mobile: 0412 284 817 or: 0431524817, Email:

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