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During these trying times of the global pandemic, driving aspirants are faced with one difficult question – Is it the right time to learn driving? We say, it is not going to be without challenges, but with right measures & precautions, we can rise above the difficulties & continue with our regular lives while accepting the new normal. With the lockdown being uplifted, we can somewhat get back to our daily activities but we are still bound to continue following certain hygiene guidelines. All in all, you can surely learn driving provided you are ready to abide by all the safety measures. Further, make sure you choose an institute, like the driving school in Marsden Park that is following all the hygiene requirements without fail. Do you want to know some safe measures for driving schools to follow? Here is everything you need to know about the same.

What are some Covid-19 measures observed by reputable driving schools?

1. Must-wear masks or the face shields

Covering your mouth and nose is extremely important because coughs and sneezes of an infected person can infect you as well thereby continuing the vicious cycle of spreading the virus. To contain the spread of the infectious virus, the instructors have to wear masks or shields mandatorily. Being a student, you too have to follow the compulsory guideline of wearing a mask to ensure the safety of your instructor, besides yourself. That is hands down the most important condition of attending or resuming your driving classes.

2. Disinfecting the car between lessons

If you are looking forward to joining a driving school in Marsden Park, seek clarification about its COVID-19-related hygiene practices. Ensure that the car is cleaned with disinfectant cleaners before and after conducting each driving lesson. Since coronavirus is said to live on surfaces from several hours to even a few days, the high-touch areas like steering wheels, seat adjusters, shift lever, touch screens, armrests must be cleaned thoroughly. This measure is extremely imperative and effective in creating a safe and protected environment for conducting driving classes.

3. Carrying hand sanitizers

Amid the global pandemic, we have to be careful and avoid touching random surfaces because that is considered to be another way of spreading coronavirus. Hence, you should always sanitize your hands with a sanitizer before entering the car or touching any of its parts. Some schools might even equip their cars with sanitisation kits carrying essentials like sanitizers, disposable masks, sprays, wipes, among others. Hence, you need to choose a school that acts responsibly during these difficult times and does not take anyone’s safety lightly.

4. Health-screening of instructors and students

Both instructors and students must pass the health screening test every day before carrying on with driving lessons. A reliable and responsible driving school should set up the system of checking the temperature of both students & instructors using a non-contact thermometer. Anyone who is showing COVID-19-related symptoms should be asked to quarantine and must not be allowed to give or take driving lessons unless he/she is declared fit by the doctor or healthcare professional.


If you are looking forward to joining a driving school that has been following all Covid-19 measures, be unhesitant to join classes at DAVID V.I.P DRIVING SCHOOL. From wearing masks to disinfecting the vehicles, the driving instructor in Marsden Park observes all measures with full diligence. To book your seat or know more about Covid-19 guidelines, you can contact 0412 284 817 or: 0431524817.

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