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You may think good drivers make good instructors, but it is not as simple as that. To teach a skill as complex as driving, an instructor does not only have to be qualified, but he or she should be considerate, patient, and emphatic towards the students. Honestly speaking, you can expect such positive attributes only from an experienced driving instructor in Castle Hill and not from some random and inexperienced teachers. If you want to enhance your learning outcome, then choosing an established and experienced instructor becomes extremely important. So, in this blog, we discuss some signs that say you’re stuck with an unprofessional driving instructor. Keep reading to find out if your instructor has any of these bad habits.

Here are some qualities of a bad driving instructor you must know:

a. Uses his mobile a lot – Is your instructor spending a lot of time on his mobile during a lesson? This gesture is undesirable because it implies that the instructor is distracted and uninterested in taking the class. Not only does he leave a bad impression, but the trainer also makes the student suffer due to his addiction to the phone. Further, some students may pick up this unhealthy habit and suffer in the long run. An ideal instructor should stay focused and avoid distractions when taking a class.

b. Never punctual – If you see your instructor arriving late and leaving early from the class, then you should think about bidding him adieu. An instructor who lacks the respect of time can never be a good teacher, let alone meeting your learning needs. Also, when you are paying for your driving lessons, why should you even put up with such unpunctuality? Losing out on time means you are not getting the best out of your driving lessons. But if you enrolled for an expert driving lessons in Castle Hill, then you would make the best use of time.

c. Negative temperament – Does your instructor shout at you when you make even the smallest mistake? Is he discouraging you more than boosting your confidence? You deserve better than that, friend! An instructor with a negative attitude can aggravate your driving anxiety instead of lowering it. You should have enrolled for an instructor who is professional yet friendly and compassionate in his approach. With a positive teacher by your side, you’d automatically feel encouraged to do better.

d. Not customizing his lessons – Every trainee has unique needs, and it is the responsibility of the instructor to meet different learning paces of his students. Is your instructor teaching generic stuff and not focusing on your specific requirement? Communicate your expectations very clearly to your teacher. As you are paying for this lesson, you have every right to derive the maximum outcome from your driving classes. Remember, what type of driver you are about to become in future depends on these lessons. So, look for high-quality customized training and settle for nothing less than that.

Wrapping it up – If you ever spot any of these undesirable qualities in your instructor, you should not continue keeping up with them. You should either let them know your problem or you can start looking for alternate options. Moreover, with the best driving school in Castle Hill right here, you do not even have to worry about your driving lesson anymore. So, get in touch with DAVID V.I.P DRIVING SCHOOL today for personalized training today.

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