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Are you just learning to drive? Do you feel intimidated to try out any particular driving technique? Well, over years, we have seen several beginners panicking when it comes to parallel parking. Yes, we understand that mastering this technique requires a lot of patience and practice. But if you are being consistent in your efforts, you can easily park your car without creating a ruckus on the road. First and foremostly, you should join professional driving lessons in Castle Hill for the right guidance without which you will be far from learning the basic driving skills, let alone picking up the advanced techniques. However, to cut down your hassle, we give you a quick brief on rules of parallel parking. So, let us continue reading.

Find here some easy rules of parallel parking:

1. Select the right position – It is a blunder if you are not selecting a position that is spacious enough to accommodate your car. Trying to fit your car by force in a limited space can cause a collision, not to speak of the wrath that you have to face from other drivers. Hence, if finding the right parking space needs you to drive a little more, spend that time without regretting about it. When you spot a vacant space, hit the reverse and accelerate to pull your car alongside the vehicle in the parking area.

2. Maintain distance – According to the best driving instructor in Castle Hill, you must remain alert and check the mirrors throughout to make sure you are not bumping into any cars in the parking space. Also, position the rear bumper properly so that it is at the same level as the bumper of a parked vehicle. Ideally speaking, you should maintain no less than three feet between your car and the parked vehicle so that you do not end up hitting the vehicle parked behind or front of your car.

3. Careful steering – If you have practised well and enough, you need not be panic-stricken while reversing your car. When you approach the vacant spot, you should continue turning the steering to your right, and as you try entering the area, you must straighten the steering. And once you have made it into the parking spot, you need to turn the steering wheel to your left for reversing. Yes, we know it may sound a bit confusing, but with sufficient practise, you can ace it with ease.

4. Adjust your car – Have you positioned your car in the chosen spot? That’s great, but you’ll have to go a bit back and forth to get suitable placement for your car. Always check the distance between the front bumper of your car and rear bumper of another car. For that, you have to keep your eyes glued to the mirror. If you think you can reverse and park without checking the mirrors, you are mistaken. And it is only with enough practice you can achieve flawless coordination between your hand and eye movements.

Conclusion – With difficult techniques broken down into easy steps in this blog, do you think parallel parking seems a little easier for you now? We guess it is. But for hands-on training, you have to join the best driving school in Castle Hill. So, are you ready to book your online classes? If yes, then contact DAVID V.I.P DRIVING SCHOOL at the earliest.

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