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driving school in Castle Hill

Driving is an essential life skill that can reduce your transportation hassles and make daily commutation extremely easy for you. Despite all its benefits, driving can be a costly affair for many drivers. Whether you are going to the office or taking a road trip, driving your car often can seriously push your gas bills through the roof. Yes, the type and nature of vehicle create a great impact on the gas mileage, but as per the experts of driving school in Castle Hill, your way of driving also determines the fuel economy to a great extent. Hence, your goals should be to pick up driving habits that limit gas consumption and help you save some money. To learn more in detail, let us go to the next section.

Improve your gas mileage with good driving habits:

Slow down your car:

You sure get tempted when it comes to driving fast and fearlessly on an open highway. Don’t you? But, most beginners are not aware that driving so fast can consume more gas. So, exceeding the speed limit is not only unsafe, but it is also uneconomical. It is always advisable to maintain an optimal driving speed thereby bringing down the gas mileage. And if your vehicle has a cruise control system, then that’s simply fantastic. With this clever system controlling your car speed, you can drive with a peace of mind.

Avoid harsh brakes:

Quite similar to speeding up, harsh braking too can increase the fuel consumption of your car. If you really need to bring you car to a halt, you must slow down gradually to let the vehicle decelerate naturally. According to the expert driving instructor in Castle Hill, you must learn to drive sensibly in the first place to eliminate the need for using sudden brakes. Apart from increasing gas mileage, harsh brakes can wear out tyres and brakes and increase the chances of accidents. So, keep this point in mind.

Keep tired inflated:

When did you last check your car tires? It is important that you check the tires daily or at least before setting out any journey. That is because underinflated tires can disturb the fuel economy and your driving efficiency. Remember, the tire pressure has to be on point if you want to limit fuel consumption and extend the lifespan of the car tires. As per the professionals of driving school in Castle Hill, scheduling a maintenance workshop is important to ensure optimal operation of your car so that you can stay consistent about fuel savings.

Take less congested routes:

Do you think avoiding traffic is the only benefit of taking less congested roads? Well, better fuel efficiency is another benefit of consolidated trips. When you take roads with more stoppages and congestion, the fuel consumption spikes up every time the car engine is cranked. So, combining your trips can be a good way of saving fuel as well as your precious time. To avoid getting confused, you can install GPS in your vehicle to detect road intersections and plan your journey smartly.


Learning the right driving style is necessary to increase your efficiency behind the wheels as well as improve gas mileage. To hone all safe and smart driving skills, you must strengthen your foundation by joining DAVID V.I.P DRIVING SCHOOL. The institute takes a holistic approach to driving and offers the best driving lessons in Castle Hill. Do you want to book a seat? Then call at 0412284817 & 0431524817.

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