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Do you have your driving test scheduled next week? You have been waiting for this day all your life! Isn’t that so? As you are just a test away from becoming a pro, it is natural for you to feel both excited and nervous. Keep in mind that all these months of practice will be put to test on this D-day. So, you have to be sufficiently prepared to face the test with confidence. Remember, being confident helps you overcome the nervousness and rule out negative thoughts. On top of it, your chances of passing the test get better and brighter if you have joined a reputable driving school in Marsden Park and been trained by qualified instructors. However, to pass the test, you have to keep a few other points in mind. In this blog, we shall discuss the preparation tips before taking a driving test.

Driving Test Tips from Expert Driving Instructors in Marsden Park:

a. Do not neglect notes

Yes, you have to be very well prepared for the practical part of the examination but that does not mean you can overlook the importance of going through your notes. So, do not make the mistake of ignoring the simplest of information. Be it the highway codes or traffic rules, you must try to retain the important facts in your mind. Did you get your notes from the driving instructor in Marsden Park? Revise them as much as possible before taking the test.

b. Practise on possible test routes

If you are prepared, no driving test is too difficult for you. Ask your instructor about the testing routes. They know all testing routes in your local RMS centres that the testing officer will take you. You can practice driving on the same routes so you will be more familiar with all routes when it is the big day to go for your test.

c. Work on your observation skills

When you are on the road, you need swift hands and an alert mind. Yes, maintaining the balance between the two is difficult but doable. While you may be confident of your driving techniques, keep developing your observational skills simultaneously. Be aware of your surroundings, check sides while changing lanes, and keep distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you to come across as a responsible driver to your examiner.

d. Pay attention to your examiner

It is good to be confident but do not let yourself get carried away. Listen to what your examiner has got to say before, during, and even after the examination. He or she may pass abrupt instructions to see how promptly and correctly you can respond. Remember, absent-mindedness can spoil it all. Moreover, take sportingly the feedback shared by your examiner and view this as a good learning opportunity for yourself.


So, have you joined a driving school in Marsden Park that boasts of high pass rate? That’s great but make sure you are working on other important factors as well. With the right preparation strategy, you can stay confident of passing the test in your very first attempt. DAVID V.I.P DRIVING SCHOOL is a leading school that provides high-standard driving lessons and promises a high pass rate. To know more, call @ 0412 284 817 or: 0431524817

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