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The Covid-19 crisis has affected our lived in unprecedented ways. Whether it is inside our house or outside, we have to follow safety precautions to protect ourselves from the deadly coronavirus. Amid this crisis, if you are needed to go out of the house, try to avoid public transportation as that might help contain the spread of the disease. To limit your exposure, you should drive your own car. That being said, we do not mean you are not supposed to take safety measures. After all, driving your own car can reduce your exposure to the virus but cannot totally eradicate the risk. Feeling worried? Fret not! Here are some tips from the best driving school in Blacktown that you can follow to lessen your risk of contracting the virus while going out in your personal car.

Safe driving tips you should follow during coronavirus lockdown:

1. Sanitize your hands

Using hand sanitizer has become a daily ritual that should not be forgotten or skipped even when we are driving your car. As soon as you have taken you car seat, sanitise your hands and get rid of the germs & bacteria from their surfaces. Sanitisation will ensure that the germs from your hands have not been transferred on to other parts of your car. So, keep a sanitizer bottle handy even if you are travelling in your car.

2. Limit your stops

With the virus spreading like a wildfire, this may not be the right time to go on road trips. So, plan going out for only essential errands and do not stop at too many places. Limited interaction will reduce your chances of exposure. The experts of driving school in Blacktown also suggest that you should also keep a check on the number of passengers travelling with you in the car. That is so because larger gathering can increase your exposure to the virus. So, be careful with this one!

3. Disinfect your car

Sanitisation alone is not sufficient to keep yourself protected from the virus. From the door handle and gear-shift knob to the dashboard and seatbelt, you should disinfect all the high-touch areas. Use disinfectants that have at least 70% of alcohol because they are highly effective in killing the virus. However, do not make the mistake of using chemicals like hydrogen peroxide and bleach as using them is going to damage the interiors of your car.

4. Keep your calm

During these testing times, it is natural for everyone to get panic-stricken. With stores running out of stocks, everyone is in hurry to grab the last of all essentials from the shops. However, you should not let all these anxieties get in the way of your driving. As per the instructors of the driving school in Blacktown, you should stay calm & positive to avoid driving errors thereby reducing the chances of car accidents. Safe driving can always pay off especially in a crucial time like this.


The pandemic is showing no signs of slowing down. However, staying at home will not be feasible in the long run for people have jobs to go to, need to get groceries, pick up medicines, and so on. Hence, going out in your private car can be relieving to some extent. But follow the tips we have shared to stay fit, healthy, and virus-free. DAVID V.I.P DRIVING SCHOOL maintains all hygiene standards while imparting cheap driving lessons in Blacktown and other areas in Western Sydney. Contact now to book your seat!

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